Saturday, August 04, 2007

olrytie, it's saturday people! It's so damn boring, really!:] the week that had past was described as the "turtle week", and i just don't know why.. :] im so damn busy with my foundation training... well, training is fun, but not quite. it's like we were doing activities for 8 hours and other funny stuffs. far from my expectations. hope i'll pass the FT for me to proceed to the next step. anyhow, about the people in my class, i find them great and friendly. :] i never had a hard time dealing with these people even they are 2 to 3 years older than i am. hehe.
okay okay okay, moving along, i heard that august 15 will be the judgement day! :] the releasing of the 2007 june nursing boards results! and AMOF there were only 40 thousand examinees passed the exam. almost half of the examinees failed. and that's awful! :[ very frightening! early this morning i texted my friends about this, and they were like scared just like me! well, i know God was with me that time when i was answering the whole exam thing! that's why i need to be confident. just continue praing for me guys! :] oryt?
so, i need to end up my journal now. till' next time! ciao! :]

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